Imagine Health, Success & Happiness

Imagine Health, Success & Happiness

Imagine Health, Success & HappinessImagine Health, Success & Happiness

Crystal Singing Bowls & Private Sessions


Third Saturday of the Month, 1 pm to 3 pm Cost: $25

Just like tuning a musical instrument, your body can be tuned to come back into energetic balance. 

Vibrational Sound Therapy is the practice of using sound frequencies to realize and correct imbalances. Sound is a form of energy or Chi and the entire body absorbs and emits sound. Using the correct vibrational frequencies promotes healing and brings the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies back into energetic balance. Sound can reach places that traditional medicine cannot go.

Come and experience the amazing harmonious sounds and soothing vibrations of the crystal singing bowls. The bowls bring about relaxation as we connect to peace and joy, often removing blocks to our health and wellness. Using the 7 main chakra bowls that have all been harmonically matched, you will experience chakra balance and alignment. Some people have reported experiencing positive changes in their intuition and spiritual growth after a sacred singing bowl circle. 

You are welcome to bring a special personal intention written on a piece of paper to be placed in the bowl of your choice. The sound frequencies will enhance and broadcast your personal intention into the Universe, for the purpose of helping to manifest your intention. For those that would like to participate in the playing of the bowls we will provide a simple easy instructions.

We play as intuitively guided, with an intention of highest truth, wisdom, love, light and healing for those present. This fun and lively group is a monthly event.

Call Corinna to register at 253.334.8404. Or walk in!

Bring Your Friends

All are welcome, no experience required.

Private Singing Bowl Sessions Are Also Available

Would you prefer to experience the Singing Bowls in a private session? Clients lay completely clothed on a treatment table, surrounded by the 7 main chakra crystal singing bowls.  Sometimes healing crystals are also used to facilitate the movement of energy. Sound Healing Sessions are available by appointment in half hour or full hour segments.  30 minute meditation, $60 and one hour session $120.