Imagine Health, Success & Happiness

Imagine Health, Success & Happiness

Imagine Health, Success & HappinessImagine Health, Success & Happiness

What Area of Your Life Needs Work?


Imagine you...

Living the Life of Your Dreams 

Creating a Compelling Destiny 

Developing Rewarding Relationships 

Improving Your Physical Health 

Solving Problems with Ease 

Taking Charge of Your Finances 

Listening to Your Inner Genius

Healing the Broken Heart 

Attracting Your Ideal Partner 

Eliminating Allergies 

Ending Addictions 

Eliminating Panic, Fears and Phobias 

Overcoming Learning Difficulties 

Releasing Emotional Trauma 

Achieve Your Personal Best 

Accelerating the Healing Process 

Discovering Your Life Purpose 

Stepping into the Future with Confidence 

Eliminate Anger, Fear & Worry

“Many of the choices we make and the habits that we have are driven by beliefs that are held deeply in the unconscious mind. Having a coach and a teacher to help you find and eliminate the negative habits and beliefs can remove the blocks to your health and happiness. You can start the transformation process with a personal breakthrough session, designed just for you..."

If you really want to change, you can. 

"My passion is planetary transformation, one person at a time in the exact ways that are the most useful, rewarding and compelling to each person in their individual divine design.” 

Clients Say

“Corinna is truly a gifted Coach and Healer. I was so broken physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially when I first met her I was hanging on to the end of my rope as hard as I could. Her knowledge combined with her love for people is a great gift to humanity. Today I am standing on my own two feet, healthy, happy and in my new house. Through the use of her unique skills she was able to guide me so that I could find my direction in life.”

-J.L., Licensed Massage Practitioner 

"I highly recommend her."

"Corinna rocks! I worked with her every week for more than a year, before I moved my practice to Hawaii. Being a long time counselor and healer myself it can be challenging to find someone to work with; I had asked the Universe for someone that offered something similar to what I offered, but different enough that I would be able to really benefit from it. The Universe gifted me with Corinna. I will be forever grateful! She is wonderful. A fabulous healer, great teacher, wonderful counselor. Talented, kind, funny and very very capable. I can be particular when it comes to my energy, and I totally trust Corinna and highly recommend her.

-E.G., Healer

"The Perfect Guide"

“…Thank you for the great impact that you had on my life, I was lucky to have you to guide me through some really tough stuff that was locked deep inside. You were the perfect guide to help me break through stubborn old patterns and find the key I needed; now when I walk in the room I am clearly a confident, take-charge lawyer.”

-M.A., Attorney

"Unconditionally Loving Attitude"

"Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude for your help. You healed me from 16 debilitating years of fibromyalgia that prevented me from working and forced an early retirement. You’ve taught me how to continue healing myself regarding other issues. Not only have you given me my life back, but you’ve helped me to re-orient it to a higher, spiritual level and purpose. I now have my life, my health, and a highly meaningful new career. And you’ve done it with an unconditionally loving attitude and fun sense of humor that have been a wonderful joy to be around. Saying, “Thank you for your help,” is so inadequate."

-H.E., Psychotherapist