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Crystal Skulls Meditation

Meet Condor, this beautiful skull has been energized by the amazing Ancient Crystal Skull, Einstein.

Why Crystal Skulls?

Crystal skulls are carved from the very bones of our planet, birthed from Mother Earth long before you and I came into existence. The crystal skulls form a bridge between our consciousness and the “All That Is".  Crystal skulls transmit energy, knowledge and wisdom and can provide the healing, harmony, and the insight of a spiritual teacher and friend. Each skull is a specialist in a different area, a living library of light and frequency.  The crystal skulls can provide us with a world view of immeasurable richness and beauty. 

Meditate and Heal

According to Navajo elder, Leon Secatero, “The crystal skulls can help awaken us to our connections with all other things. They show us the aliveness of all things: they are magical objects; they are the image of death, yet they contain the breath of life, the same breath of life that we have and that we share with all other things. The crystal skulls emit a sound – the sound of creation. This is the same sound the Earth made when it came into being, the same noise that happens at conception and the noise that a leaf makes when it unfurls in the spring. In this way the crystal skulls show us that we are connected with all of life and with the great mystery and beauty of creation.” 

The Heart of Telecommunications

Crystal skulls are made of exactly the same type of quartz crystal that is now found at the heart of the telecommunications industry;   piezo electric silicon dioxide - which is renowned above all other materials for its information storage capacity.   And it is from this material that microprocessors are made - the very circuitry on which our whole modern civilization now depends. 

The Legend of the Singing Crystal Skulls

An old Native American legend describes the existence of thirteen life-size human skulls made of rock crystal, that speak or sing.  According to the legend, these crystal skulls contain answers to some of the great mysteries of life and the universe.  The legend also says that one, day at a time of great need, at a time of great crisis for humanity, all of these crystal skulls will be rediscovered and brought back together again to reveal their knowledge and information vital to the very survival of the human race. 

Part of Our Conciousness

The spiritual leaders of the Navajo, the Pueblo, the Seneca, the Cherokee and the Maya believe in the sacred significance of the crystal skulls.  Many native people believe that the skulls form an access point into the other multiple levels of reality that exist in parallel to our own everyday waking world. They believe that part of our soul, or our consciousness, can literally travel into these other dimensions through the crystal skulls. But the crystal skulls are not just devices for initiated shamans to travel to other dimensions, they can also help each of us to access other levels of our own consciousness, which many of us today have forgotten how to use. 

Private Healing Sessions with Crystal Skulls

Corinna now owns several beautiful crystal skulls which have been activated by the Ancient Ones, Max, Amar and Einstein.  When used properly these skulls are amazing healing tools.

I am excited to be using this amazing energy with my clients.